Things I love Thursday (again!)

Perfume, A story of a murderer.
(imdb link)
One of the best movies I have seen in a little while. I fall in love with most visually stunning movies, even if the plot is lacking. (aka mirrormask) But this movie had everything. It was a little on the dark side (well, possibly more then a little). But to be perfectly honest, those type of movies are my favorite. Some parts reminded me of an adult version of series of unfortunate events.
My new summer college courses
I go to school year round, and for the summer I chose to take two psychology courses. The first will be developmental psychology and the second is human sexuality. I love to learn about why people and act the way they do. I gain so much insight in these sorts of classes.
Special mentions
white chocolate mudslide flavored coffe
Katie Jane Garside

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Things I love thursday

Planning my upcoming trip to New Orleans.

My mom (who lives across the country) and I were sick of visiting each other in our own states (her California, me Maine) so we decided to meet somewheres in the US neither of us have been. After much consideration on my part I chose New Orleans because in late April / early May (during my birthday) a huge jazz/blues music festival will be taking place. Along with that we plan on taking a bloody Mary voodoo tour, eating the spiciest food we can find, and attending a few burlesque shows. I will post more about my plans as I make them.

New Blog Readers

Thanks to all of you. I know their still aren’t many but I need to keep positive and keep posting. I plan to get a post every other day. If you have anything you would like me to write about feel free to make suggestions.


Instrumental Music

cough drops


My new ds games


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Links to love

Lula Magazine – An amazing magazine. It’s partly available online, but I’m working to get a printed copy.

Inspiration – A great e-zine about inspiration. (PDF)

Neet Magazine– A great zine about indie fashion.

Life of bridey – She inspired me to take part in 101 in 1001. (more about that later)

Misscedar– Cute Chick, Cute Blog.

Some Girls Wander – I love this girl’s sense of style.

Inspiration Boards – A blog all about different types of inspiration boards people have.

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Geek Chic (part one)

You may or or may not know by now, that I am a MAJOR geek. And Not too long ago Gala Darling (my all time favorite blogger) wrote a fabulous article about dressing “Geek Chic” which inspired me to write more about the look and lifestyle of a young, stylish, geeky female.
Lets start with accessories.
Ipod/Mp3 player
(every geek I’ve come across has been into various types of music)
(Do I really have to give an explanation)
Post-it notes
(I love how they come in so many shapes, colors, and sizes now!)
A Journal
(A place to keep your favorite literary quotes, thoughts, and dreams)
A variety of pens
(for writing in journal and love notes)
Anything hello kitty
(Not everyone loves her but I know I do)
(great way to show off your interests and decorate a plain purse)
Really Cute Charactors
( Think Hello Kitty, Julius, or anything Kawaii)
(I will do a post on kawaii characters later on)
Video Games!
(my boyfriend just got me the pink DS and I absolutely love it!)
Check out
Wikipedia on Geek Chic
Geek Sugar

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I’m back! 5 Things you need to see/do/read

1. Watch My Neighbor Toroto if you haven’t already. It is a Studio ghibli film that is wonderful to those who are not hardcore anime fans. It made me wish I was surrounded by people who believed in spirits.

see also Spirited Away

2. Listen to anything by Yann Tiersen. He is the creator of the Amelie Soundtrack and many other wonderful pieces of music.


(Click above to hear)

3. Start a quote collection.

We have to keep one for the new business class I am taking, It’s my favorite part of class.

4. Gala Darling’s 50 Ways to To Rescue the Worst Day Ever.

Basically required reading.

5. Get more into instrumental music.

Here is an entry in blackciggarette a great livejournal community all about it.


Some other little things to consider.

Buy yourself a new soap in your favorite scent, take pictures of everything you can find of a specific color and make a mosaic, update your inspiration board, go to the library and take out a bunch of nonfiction books on subjects that interest you, buy a really tasty tea, coffee, or cocoa.

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Indulge in 2008

1. coffee, 2. NEVER leave Big Toe alone at home!, 3. delicious cupcake, 4. heart shaped macchiato

2008 is going to be a special year, I can feel it in my bones. It will be a great year for growth, experimentation, celebration, and creativity and I am more then ready for it all. Are you?

Here are some ideas you can use to indulge in 2008

Buy your favorite kind of dark chocolate

Enjoy a cup of well made coffee

Look through any old magazines and make a collage

Take time to make your favorite meal

Go to a used book store with 20$ and buy some treasures

Do the same with thrift stores

Buy a great set of colored pens and use them to write letters

Invest in some beautiful stationary

Buy a Moleskine notebook and write about the things you love

Make a mix at the end of every month that goes with what you did/felt

Collect greeting card that make you laugh and send them randomly to friends

Buy a stuffed Creature (I love my ugly doll) and put him on your pillow to brighten your day

Search in antique stores for trinkets

Find your signature scent (mine is green tea, vanilla cake, and paper back books)

Write notes to your loved ones and leave them around their home

Go shopping for cute underwear and socks

Make a point to take a good picture everyweek

make a photo album

Collect children’s books with a theme (like friendly monsters)

Learn to bake

Buy a plant, and take care of it to your best ability

Decorate a cork board with pictures that inspire you

Listen to old tapes and records

Learn something new like feng shui

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Check out what 2008 has in store for you.

from astrostyle

In 2007, Jupiter was in your eighth house, which rules real estate, intimacy and large sums of money. It was an intense year. You could have earned and lost a lot of money, paid off (or accrued) debt, gotten married, bought property, or moved in with your mate.

Now, Jupiter enters your ninth house of entrepreneurship, higher education, publishing and long-distance travel. Ready for more independence? Here it comes! Focus on:

  • Starting a business
  • Applying to colleges or furthering your education
  • Traveling the world
  • Writing a book
  • Pursuing a career in publishing or sales
  • Working from a virtual office, or in a job that involves travel
  • Exploring metaphysical or inspirational topics

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